Pre-Construction Services


Our pre-construction services allow us to prepare a parameter budget estimate based on drawings and design intent. We assist our clients in assembling the components needed to submit the project for permits. We will be working closely with the design team or developing the design in house though one of our partners. With subcontractor input, defining design build criteria of the mechanical, plumbing and electrical systems all combine to ensure choices essential to meeting a comfortable and efficient and sustainable building while saving money.


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If you choose us to build your project, we will begin the conceptual estimating. This will enable us to prepare parameter budget estimates based on the drawings and design intent. If details are not provided we will conceptualize what costs are needed to ensure a complete project. This will be done for all the various construction divisions. The benefit to the Owner is that you will have a good approximation of the total project costs at the outset. This helps ensure that design efforts can be expended on the areas that are most important within the available budget. During this process we will make assumptions that will be used to define the specifications within the design intent. All assumptions will be clarified to you for review and approval. When finish schedules are incomplete, we will assume appropriate allowances for each item which will be adequately assigned to meet your expectations.

Self-Performed Work

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We will be self-performing all the rough framing and finish carpentry. This “in house” aspect of our company allows for maximum control of the schedule as well as cost controlling. When possible, we will be purchasing all the lumber through a wholesale distributor and make available on site. This process can save close to 10% on most wood products. One of the reasons we have been successful in this market is the addition of our Senior Estimator and lumber broker. His experience spans over 35 years working in the Aspen area with major lumber suppliers. This allows us to purchase direct from the mills allowing major savings to our clients. This aspect of our company allows us to dramatically improve the schedule by having direct control of the main component of construction. The following is brief summation of the services we will offer you.



Once the budget is agreed upon we will track the costs in the same format of the estimate. We use one of the most sophisticated construction management software systems, “Microsoft Project”, for tracking budgets, scheduling, commitment amounts (e.g., subcontracts and purchase orders), actual costs to date and any pending changes. This system allows us to always be apprised of where each category is in relationship to the budget and is a means of calculating the estimated final cost of every line item throughout the job. Furthermore, we are able to identify potential problems and be proactive in taking corrective action before problems arise. Our payment applications will be itemized on AIA document G702. “Application and Certificate for Payment”.

Construction Management Process


Upon finalization and approval of a budget our efforts as Project Managers will be directed towards developing a procurement plan that implements the anticipated project quality levels and results in the best available subcontractors and suppliers submitting comprehensive and competitive bids for each phase of the project. This buyout involves pre-qualifying subs, writing complete scopes of work definitions for the subcontracts and thoroughly reviewing the subcontractors’ proposals. As the project moves into the construction phase, quality control responsibilities shift to the project superintendent. The superintendent, by using the scope definitions and the construction documents is then responsible for knowing every detail of the project. Before a trade begins work, the superintendent meets with the foremen and reviews these requirements, logistical details, schedule and safety. Continuous re-inspection and review of the work becomes one of the superintendents’ primary responsibilities.

Proposed Business Relationship


Aspen Built recommends that our Guaranteed Maximum Price agreement be executed using an AIA A102-2007 Document, “Standard Form of Agreement between Owner and Contractor”. The AIA A201-2007 Document would serve as General Conditions of the Contract. These documents are a standard in the industry and relate well with the AIA Contract you are probably using with the Architect. We realize that your decision in deciding the builder is of utmost importance. Our firm offers sophisticated accountability with an emphasis with a cost consciousness that is unique for this area. We are looking forward to being involved with this project with our ultimate goal being the development of a lasting relationship.