Client Testimonials

It is our pleasure to help our clients realize their new home or home-improvement dreams. Below are a few comments we’ve really treasured receiving.

"The renovations included removing a cement fireplace Lounge and replacing it with a new hearth, mantel and stone wall surround, demolition and reconstruction of the Lounge Bar with copper top and granite counter, installation of a custom built marble topped buffet table & storage unit and oak/leather wall panels, installation of a new fireplace, hearth & mantel in the Lobby with stone and 18' log art panel surround, construction and installation of a new 16' Front Desk with granite top, new lighting fixtures throughout, extensive cabling & relocation of electrical and data outlets, new carpet installation throughout and new paint on all interior surfaces.

The entire scope of work was accomplished in a 9-week period and completed on time and on budget. Throughout the project Aspen Built communicated and consulted regularly with the owner, staff, interior design firm, vendors and subcontractors so that all were informed of the progress of the many elements of the project. Aspen Built senior staff was on site several times a week monitoring and directing sub-contractor work. The on-site job foreman was knowledgable, experienced, skilled and hands-on throughout. Both proved flexible and responsive to changes and challenges by ownership, and the interior design/architectural firm.

In all we have been quite satisfied with Aspen Built ability to deliver a complex finished product and would recommend them to anyone contemplating such a project."

CLEVE JOHNSON | General Manager, Timbers Club

"We observed that our hardwood kitchen/dining room floor was buckling.I called Abdi Pirzadeh for help. He arrived with in the hour and went right to work. The first order of business was to identify the cause of the problem - it was a leaky drain. Next was to make a total assessment of the damage. Third was to remove all of the damaged floors, cabinets, walls and ceilings and clear out both the kitchen and dining room. The last step was to rebuild, restore and replace all of the damaged property. Twenty one days later, he was ready for a walk through. There were very few items on the punch list.

As agreed upon at the start, Abdi and I agreed that he would do this work on a time and materials plus profit basis. Having moved back in two months ago, I can now attest to the fact that all work done was done on time, at a reasonable cost and the quality of everything he set out to do was accomplished at a superior level. I am pleased to be able to recommend him and his team of skilled craftsman and sub-contractors for any level of remodeling or new home building in the Roaring Fork Valley."


"Aspen Built was a new company when we needed a builder. Abdi took our plan and our budget and built our house. The house is well built, very solid and substantial. We have had no problems to this day - 10 years later. Abdi is honest and takes an interest in the house these years after it has been built. He explains what makes a house more or less expensive before you get into something you cannot afford.

We Love Our Home"


"I hired Aspen Built to design and build my house in River Valley Ranch in 2009. With Abdi's knowledge and open minded outlook, we were able to build a quality house with an incredible floor plan. The house recently sold for more than asking price mainly due to the exceptional quality and incredible design. I would highly recommend Aspen Built to anyone looking to build a new home or complete a major remodel in the Roaring Fork Valley. Since that time it has become clear that Abdi's keen eye, attention to detail and project management were superior in the construction of the home."


"Aspen Built and Abdi Pirzadeh built our house in 2004 and we were very pleased with the finished product. The house had great finishes and he continually made suggestions that greatly improved the house. During the construction Abdi was very flexible with change orders which made for a great house building experience. The project was finished on time and under budget. We highly recommend Aspen Built."


"Aspen Built and Abdi Pirzadeh built our house and did excellent work. We haven't had any problems and the house is 10 years old now. Old enough for things to go wrong, if the work wasn't done correctly. We would highly recommend him as a builder."


"A client who hires Abdi Pirzadeh of Aspen Built, should expect no less than his best performance and stellar record of delivering elegant, energy-efficient and cost-effective projects … its simple! With breadth of experience and the confidence of knowledge, he listens, plans and then efficiently and effectively mobilizes to deliver the best product possible, on time, and on budget!"


"We have Hired Aspen Built on multiple projects. They have always been very helpful in the design phase and worked closely with the architects to design plans that make sense and function well. They have given us great feedback on everything from finish selections that complement the design to functional floor plans. When it came to implementation, schedule and budget, they have always been very reliable and always built at high quality standards. They always met our time lines and budgets while establishing realistic expectations up-front. We will definitely use Aspen Built on future projects and would highly recommend them to anyone looking to build or renovate."