Green Building


The world is going green. We applaud homeowners who recognize the value of being environmentally savvy and forward thinking in their Aspen homes. Individuals like you are helping Colorado make a real difference in the world – one that is having an immediate impact and one which will also last long into the future.

By advancing green home construction with green building techniques and energy-efficient building practices, we can all make a real difference in the health and wellbeing of our planet. To celebrate our earth, Aspen Built utilizes sustainable products and building practices in our green home construction or renovation projects.

What’s this mean to you? How will green home construction change anything? For starters, when you choose to use green building materials and practices, as well as focus on increasing the energy efficiency of your existing home or new home construction, you will be making a big leap toward reducing your carbon footprint.

From solar panels to the energy-efficient appliances, our team of green building experts know how to make your dreams of green home come true. By building deep relationships with area experts, we are leading the way in green home construction – assuring that your project is taking advantage of the latest green materials and innovations at the best prices possible.

Green building services include:

  • 1 Energy Star® Appliances
  • 2 Advanced framing systems
  • 3 Proper sealing and insulating techniques
  • 4 High-efficiency HVAC and furnaces
  • 5 Recycled flooring option
  • 6 Low-to-no V.O.C. paints
  • 7 Durable, long-lasting materials

To be honest, this focus on custom green home building at Aspen Built excites us. With new materials and technologies emerging daily, we appreciate the opportunity to work with nature in a symbiotic relationship that gives back.

If you are considering your eco-friendly options for your new Colorado home, we invite you to contact us today to discuss your vision. We’ll help you better understand your options and what’s available in this exciting journey. From blueprints to move-in, Aspen Built is one of the Aspen area home builders that wants to share with you the benefits and rewards of being ecologically conscious.